Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mackinac Island -- Post 2

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here on Mackinac Island, as it was yesterday.  Here is a picture from yesterday when we were waiting for our luggage.

Since the island is still "waking up" from the winter, at this time of year they will let us push our own cart.  As many of you know, you are not allowed to drive cars on the island.  So you either hire the horse teams, or you do the work on your own.

Some of us pushed the cart to our rental, which allowed us to ride back to the dock when we returned the cart.

The architecture on the island.....

The constant clipity clop of horses is very soothing.

More architectural detail...

When we went for a walk, there were these black and white ducks.  We saw several groups of three wherein two males were fighting for the attention of a female.

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