Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Au Sable Lighthouse and More

Today's blog posting includes some photos from Au Sable Point lighthouse as well as a few sunset pictures. The other day several of us walked from the Hurricane River to Au Sable Point. My son, Kevin, and his wife, Jericho, as well as Jericho's mother, Sandy, and I took the lighthouse tour. I've been up the lighthouse several times, but the others have never been up there.

This is the wood stove in the keeper house's parlor.  The "windows" in the stove are covered with mica.

This is the original lens in the light.  It was in the maritime museum in  Grand Marais for many years.  When that museum closed, it was put in storage until a year or two ago when it was placed back into its original position.  The lens is designed to take the light and prism it horizontally out toward the lake to be seen for around 17 miles.

This is the lens that is actually functioning today. 

We climbed up the winding stair and then stepped out onto the walkway.   The door to the walkway was located opposite the wind direction.  When I walked to the north to get a picture of the new light, I was blasted with the wind.  It was everything I could do to keep my hat and my camera.  The winds were well over 40 mph.

The stairway...

Looking up...

This is a picture of what the lighthouse complex looked like 100 years ago.....

My sister, Diana, and cousin, Eric, and I went down to the breakwall for sunset.  The wind had died down from earlier in the day, but the waves were still pounding.

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