Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Evening Dune Hike

Last night I decided to go on an evening dune hike after I closed the museum.  Friends and I drove half way between Sable Lake and the Log Slide and headed down the Masse Homestead Trail and up into the dunes.

A ghost forest tree in the middle of the dunes...

Normally this time of the year there are quite a few flowers in bloom up in the dunes.  The lack of rain has taken its toll.  Most of the thistles and other plants did not bloom this year.  Very few of the wild peas also were in bloom, but I found the following flower on a protected dune.

What a beautiful sunset....

When we started to hike by head lamp out of the dunes, we spotted the Au Sable Lighthouse from this unusual angle.

The moon....

I must say the hike out was interesting.  Although we tried to avoid the woods, we were not successful.  It was a challenge to bushwhack back to H58, but we made it.  It was quite an epic hike.

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