Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grand Marais Update

There sure is a lot going on in Grand Marais in terms of new construction.

The crew is done painting the pickle barrel.  Hopefully the expensive repairs made this year will last a bit longer and preserve this historic structure.

The new fire hall is going up.  The local TV station reported that it is a 1.2 million dollar building.  It is too bad that township officials have not been honest about the project.  The voters soundly defeated the millage to build the new building.  However, it has been reported that there was a vote for what people thought was an operations renewal that in fact was not a renewal -- but instead a property tax increase to pay for the new building.  We probably needed a new fire/ambulance building, but this should have been done on the up-and-up, rather than the way it was handled.

The same goes for the new water system.  We were told that we were getting new water meters.  Instead, all the streets are being torn up and a whole new water system is being put in.  I am not sure who is paying for the new system.  I imagine the property owners will pay. 

The high winds over the last couple of days has temporarily halted work on the new breakwall.

I went out to Baker Pond with Jonathan and Jessica the other day before they left.  This is the least amount of water I think I've ever seen in the pond.  The lack of winter snow and spring/summer rain is evident.

This is what is left of the old railroad bridge across Grand Marais creek.  Notice the low water level in the creek, too.

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