Monday, August 6, 2012

Grand Marais Summer Scenes

I apologize for not having time the last couple of days to post a blog update, but it was the weekend of my first ever family reunion. I only have one uncle and aunt, who have three kids and five grand kids. Three of my siblings attended as well as some of the spouses, one niece, and my two sons and their wives. The original weather forecast for Saturday was horrible. However, despite a few rain drops, the forecasted storms held off. There was a lot of food, several lawn game competitions, softball (with no injuries), and a beach fire. Fun was held by all. Thanks to the great team effort to pull it off.

During our reunion, preparations were being made nearby for a wedding.  The group hired this horse team and carriage.

On Sunday morning, the winds increased to around 40 mph, which whipped up the waves on the Big Lake.  My son, Kevin, is shown below walking out to the breakwall.

The waves...

The seagulls are not happy when the wind increases to that level.

After the breakwall, we went over to the log slide area.

Then we went over to the Hurricane River and walked to the Au Sable Lighthouse.  I'll post a few of these pictures today and finish the rest tomorrow.

With the wind, the lake bed moved up the beach covering some of the ship wreck sections.  I was able to get some shots of the other ship wreck sections.

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