Saturday, March 2, 2013

Epic Snowshoe -- Post 2

Project Update -- We had good progress on the publishing of the Online Rockhounding Adventure yesterday.  My webmaster has finished creating the introductory logistic pages and is finishing the regular webpage update, which includes the launch announcement.  I've asked for about a dozen changes to the formatting. Plus, we are still evaluating which membership/registration/password software to purchase.  I have to make a couple of changes to all the segments given the logistics of the participant input form and the way it works, so I have to resend all the files.  It takes around five hours to republish all the segments.  Once we purchase and install the membership software, we'll check everything to make sure everything works.  Then we'll launch.  It is really getting close now.

For today's posting, I'll include the rest of the photos from the snowshoe the other day. 

After lunch, we had to climb up the dune.  It was not easy in the deep and slippery snow.  We had to switchback to have any hope to get to the top.

Climbing up once was enough for me.  Jamey took advantage of having his old fashioned Iverson snowshoes and slid down, only having to climb up again.
The view from the top of that dune is incredible.
Since Jamey and Lois own the Agate Cross Bed and Breakfast in Grand Marais, I really wanted to show them the cross in the dunes.  We are still not aware of who or why this cross was put in place on top of a small dune, surrounded by sentry ghost forest trees.
It was so nice to have sunshine during the second half of our snowshoe.  Despite the 25 mph winds, we decided to play in the dunes for a while to enjoy the sunshine.
One more look at the view before heading back....
An interesting color wood on this stump....
I liked the color of the clouds as we headed back across Sable Lake.
The snowmobile trail groomer headed past us.
We headed for the foot bridge over Sable River and walked out along the cross country ski trail.  I love the snow on downed wood in the river.  Again, we arrived back at the car right as it was getting dark.  What a nice day we had.

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