Friday, March 1, 2013

Epic Snowshoe -- Post 1

Yesterday friends, Jamey and Lois, and I did another epic snowshoe.  Our route started at the Sable Visitor's center and took us across a field, down the road, on the ice of Sable Lake, down the road a ways more, up into the dunes, and back.

During our trek, we noticed that the different snow storms have piled up snow in "sedimentary" layers.

I am not fond of walking on a frozen lake, but we figured that the ice on Sable Lake is plenty thick.
Lois spotted more Yellow Bellied Sapsucker holes.
Jamey spotted this hole in the ice.  He thinks that it may be an otter hole.
Temperatures yesterday were around 30, but the 25 mph winds made it feel much colder.
Snow art....
For parts of our trek we snowshoed along trail 8 and had to contend with snowmobiles. 
After walking a mile or so down H58, we headed into the woods.
For this snowshoe it was my turn to make lunch.  Below is a picture of Jamey finding us a lunch spot.
Continued tomorrow...

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