Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Forest Snowshoe -- Post 2

Online Rockhounding Adventure Update
First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have purchased and signed up to participate in the museum's adventures.  Over the last few days I have worked on marketing efforts.  Emails have been sent to museum supporters and subscribers to the newsletter.  I also signed up for Google AdWords and I have begun to work with organizations that review and recommend resources for homeschool families.  I have also begun working on the Play Time Quizzes.  I've completed the design for two of the nine segment quizzes.

Blog Posting
Today I'll post the second half of the photos from the snowshoe I took a couple of days ago. 

I just love the snow formations on downed wood in the river. 

The picture below is a close up of detail in the above photo.
The next three photos show some "tree art."
Many of the trees in the School Forest are red pine....
Decades ago there was a cabin in the School Forest used by students and staff.  Unfortunately, it burned down.  All that is left is the chimney.
As we snowshoed past the disc golf course, we wished we would have brought a few discs with us.  With the deep snow, it would be difficult to play the course in the winter -- but it might be fun.

We crossed over the main bridge and walked west to the canoe launch site.  That is where we had lunch.
A little while before we stopped for launch -- it started to snow:  hard.  Below you can see how the snow started to accumulate on Jamey.  As the snow intensified, even Jamey put his winter hat on.  In just a couple of hours we received around five inches of snow.

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