Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lake Superior Sunset

Friday was my last day this year of working the seven hour shifts at the museum.  Yesterday the museum was still open until 7pm, but I had an anniversary party that I had to attend, so Jill watched the museum for the second half yesterday.  So Friday night I wanted to celebrate.  I called Jamey and Lois and we agreed to head to our favorite beach east of town -- at least what used to be our favorite beach.  I have not been there since before the last two storms.  Unfortunately, Lake Superior is playing havoc with the shoreline.  The majority of my favorite beach is no longer there.  Around 40 feet of beach has eroded away.  In fact the only way we could walk east was by staying at the base of the bluff.   We even had a difficult time finding somewhere to have our dinner picnic.  We ended up finding a fairly flat space part way up the bluff.  The sunset was still awesome.

The waves were crashing up against the bluff. 

The sunset...

Fall colors are starting...

Sunset or UFO?

Jamey, Lois, and Nora...

Nora, Bear dog, and the bluff -- with no beach.

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