Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mosquito Hike -- Plus the beach is back!

Sorry for not having time these past few days to post a blog update.  Friday I was getting ready for the Rock On show.  Over the weekend I was in Deer Park at Muskallonge State Park.  It was a great show, especially on Saturday when the weather was terrific (sunny with temperatures in the 60s).

First I'll include some pictures I took on a beach east of Grand Marais.  This is the beach that disappeared two weeks ago.  The waves that day were hitting the base of the bluff shown in the upper right hand portion of the first photo below.  It seems that what the lake takes -- the lake can give back.  There even were some great rock piles!

We walked down to the stump (as we call it).

There is still some black sand, but it is now buried with the lighter white sand on top.

Jamey and Lois visited me in my booth at the Rock On Show.  They volunteered to help pack up and load the booth into my car.  Thanks to them, we finished in an hour. Before I was able to drive home, my friends, Mark and Clare, showed up.  So all of us went over to Perry's Landing beach, located on H58 on the way back to Grand Marais.  I wanted to see what that beach looks like.  As of a week or so ago -- there were no rocks on the shoreline.

But rocks are now back!

Yesterday I hiked the Mosquito trail in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  There were mushrooms everywhere.

First we went to Mosquito Falls.

I hiked with my friend's:  Mark (from Ann Arbor), his sister, Clare (from Colorado), and Helen (from Marquette).  It was a perfect day for hiking.

We continued down a fantasy woods trail to Mosquito Beach.


Clare, me, and Helen.

Clare, me, Mark, and Helen.

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