Sunday, September 8, 2013

PRNL Chapel Hike -- Post 4

Today I'll post the next set of photos from the Chapel Loop hike I took last week with my Ann Arbor friends.  The photos below cover those I took while approaching Indian Head Rock and Grand Portal.

Below are pictures of Indian Head Rock as well as some of the cliffs.

Notice the mineral staining on the Pictured Rocks cliffs.

All along the Pictured Rocks there are large sections that have broken off.

On the center right of the photo below you can see the upper level beach that has tumbled down.  We used to stop and rest on that beach.

The waves kept pounding....

Below is a zoom of a hiker on top of the cliff.  The following picture shows the wide view.

Denise checking out the view...

Marsha, Jan, and Steph....

Looking straight up at a towering, but now dead, beach tree.

Grand Portal Point...

Jan checking out the view.

The group...

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