Monday, July 28, 2014

Great Summer Dunes Hike -- Post 1

At least according to the calendar it was a summer dunes hike.  The temperatures were in the low 50s with a stiff wind coming off Lake Superior, so it felt more like October than it did July.  However, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening, a great dunes hike, and a terrific picnic.

Today I will post the first half of the photos.  The vegetation in our area this year is growing like crazy.  I have never seen so many daisies -- and they are tall!

Down the path....

We noticed the large trillium leaves.  Huge!

We bushwhacked up into the dunes.  Jamey found this moss covered huge tree.

Does anyone know what the plant/fruit is below?

The photo below may look like flat terrain, but it is a very steep dune!

Below is the view from the top of the dune, looking north.

Here is the view looking east.

We walked up and down a dune or two, cut through the woods, and hiked up to a high dune to enjoy a picnic dinner.  Below is the ridge looking south.


Two freighters sailed by.  One of them is shown below.

Sunset pre-glow....

Notice Au Sable Point lighthouse sticking up in the center of the photo below.

The second freighter....

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