Monday, July 7, 2014

Rainbow and More

It was a busy weekend as all July 4th holiday weekends are here in Grand Marais.  This year was especially busy since I spent time with my son and his family.  Yesterday my friend, Jill, watched the museum so Jonathan and I could repair the damage to my sun porch caused by the snow monster this past weekend.  Thanks to Jonathan for all his help.

This is my first stint at playing grandmother to a mobile 13 month old.  Now I get it when other grandparents say that it is enjoyable, but exhausting.  Here is a photo I took of Keenen yesterday morning.

I watched Keenen last night while Jonathan and Jess went and played disc golf and then checked out the Grand Marais sites, which they had not yet done this trip.  After I put my grandson to bed, the sun popped out during the rain and I captured the rainbow and sunset from my yard.

Our east garden bed with pole beans, bush beans, peppers, and onions.

My heirloom roses are going nuts.

Sunset after glow....

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