Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rockhounding Class

For today's blog posting you are invited to go on a rockhounding class.  As many of you know I offer a rockhounding class at the Gitche Gumee Museum.  Anyone interested in a class can call 906-494-2590 in the evening or 906-494-3000 during the day.  The class is $30 per hour per group (1-6 people).  The class starts at the museum wherein we use rock and mineral specimens and a microscope to learn to classify rocks as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.  We also use other specimens to review agate characteristics and learn about the agate want-to-be rocks.  Then we go down the beach where participants compete in a rockhounding exercise and collect, display, and present specific rocks.  Then we go back to the museum where participants select a free agate and see the "wowser" rocks.  The entire class takes around two hours.

The photos below show the beach segment of the class and also show the foggy morning.  In Grand Marais we have had several foggy days this week.  

With my camera's zoom, I captured the photo below showing lots of people on the beach over by the boardwalk.

The class participants included parents and two kids.

After the class I headed over to the post office and captured the photo below of fog over the bay.

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