Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th in Grand Marais

Well, I must admit that I will not have my usual quantity of July 4th photos.  The main reason is that I did decide to walk in the parade.  When you are in a parade, you do not get to see the rest of the people, floats, and vehicles that are also in the parade.  The reason why I had to be in the parade is that last fall Sandy Neely of Grand Marais donated a pair of bear mittens to the museum.  Her friend, Jim Becker, passed away last year.  Apparently, Jim had acquired the bear mittens from the museum founder, Axel Niemi.  Now the bear mittens and the bear coat are reunited.  Over a hundred years ago after the railroad was taken out in 1910, U.S. Postal Service employees wore the bear coat and mittens to dogsled to Seney to get the mail.  This was the only way to get the mail during the winter months until the road was constructed in 1919.  During the warmer months when there was no ice on Lake Superior, mail came in by ship.

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