Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lake Superior Beach Walk -- Post 1

Last night was a beautiful night in Grand Marais so I called friends, Lois and Jamey, and we decided to get a pizza and head to the beach east of town. 

Red pine forest located on the Lake Superior shoreline....

First we checked out the beach.  Due to the higher lake level as well as severe erosion -- the beach has been significantly reduced again.


Although the mosquitoes were somewhat out of control, we decided to stick it out and eat our pizza.

Then we went down the beach.  As long as we were moving, the bugs were not a problem at all.

The black sand is exposed again this year.  People are finding some gold flakes in this black sand.

Jamey being Jamey....

Driftwood was everywhere.


I just had to capture a few photos of the moon.

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