Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Challenging Winter Beach Adventure

Yesterday my hiking partner, Lois, and I decided to be brave.  Despite the windy, cold, snowy weather -- we headed to the beach to see what it looks like.  At one point I had to cover my face up because of the intense wind.  Also, despite the wind chill being well below zero, in addition to snow there were also ice pellets stinging our faces.  I'm not sure how this freezing rain like precipitation falls (or blows sideways) in these cold temperatures.

We parked at the boardwalk and walked east.  At the water's edge, due to the warmer temperature of the lake, it was not completely frozen.  But everything else up the beach was.  We were glad to have our snowshoes on just because we needed the crampons to walk safely.

Lake effect snow is usually not continuous.  Bands of snow form and come ashore with the wind.  At times it was snowing very hard!

Driftwood ice art...

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