Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunny Day Snowshoe -- Post 2

Today I will post the second half of the pictures from the four hour snowshoe that I went on over the weekend with Jamey and Lois Fite.  It was great to enjoy the sunshine!

The arrow below shows an evergreen tree well.  These gaps in the snow appear often.  I found out the hard way.  I stepped too close to an evergreen tree and fell into the gap backwards.  I tried to roll over to get back up, but my backpack got stuck.  Once I took my backpack off, I was finally able to roll over and stand up in the deep powder snow.

Jamey still uses his trustworthy Iverson snowshoes.  Lois and I have upgraded to the new composite snowshoes.  We like the crampons and the new bindings.

River scenes...


After the long snowshoe, we went back to Jamey and Lois's house for a great dinner.  Here are a few views of the end of Coast Guard Point and the breakwall.

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