Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Freighter Convoy and Sable Lake

Since Lake Superior still has over 50 percent ice coverage, the shipping schedule is still way behind schedule.  The thick ice requires the freighters to travel in convoys behind an ice breaker.  Yet another convoy travelled by Grand Marais yesterday afternoon.

The ice breaker....

A couple of the freighters.  The convoy was east bound.

The dark speck on the horizon is the ice breaker.  As you can see, the shoreline is still socked in with ice.  As the snow and ice melt, the sand concentrates on top of the bergs.

I decided to drive around H58 to see if the road commission has punched through yet.  They have plowed around Sable Falls to Sable Lake -- where they stopped.

Sable Lake is still ice covered.


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