Friday, April 11, 2014

First Rocks Showing on Beach

This afternoon I went for a walk on the beach with my friend, Lois.  Well, mostly we walked.  There were a few spots that we had to post hole it through the snow that was in places still four feet deep.  The temperatures these past few days have been in the 40s.  It is amazing how fast the snow can melt.  After all, I skied down the beach last Saturday.

Looking west, photo with my zoom.  The "high water mark" is still socked in with ice.

Near the boardwalk there was sand and ice, no rock.

Looking north at the rows of icebergs.

When we got in front of Woodland Park, some rocks appeared up the beach -- left over from last fall's storms.

Then when we were two-thirds of the way to First Creek, some gravel sections appeared.  It is still frozen under the gravel so there must have been different layers of icebergs, the top layer with embedded gravel melted and dumped its stones.

Then some cool piles started showing up.  At first we thought someone piled them up, but there were no foot prints and there were lots of little piles.

When we got to First Creek, we noticed that the ice has backed up the creek almost all the way to the stairway.

I just love the white pine trees on top of the hill west of First Creek.

Looking west from First Creek.  We decided to not venture any farther since we could tell that at least some water was running under the ice.

Looking north again...

When we were nearing the boardwalk, we noticed the virga rain that was not quite reaching the ground.

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