Monday, April 28, 2014

Bat, Loons, and Falcon

This weekend I spent the weekend with a group of friends on Brevort Lake in Moran.  This was the 27th year that we have gotten together:  fun was had by all.  Although it was a bit chilly and it rained the first day, the sun finally came out, along with animals enjoying spring and the little bit of open water available along the shoreline of the lake. 

First there was a solitary bat that was flying around and dipping across the surface of the open water to get drinks.  He then attached to a tree, rested, and soaked up the rays.  The main part of the bat's body was around four inches.  His wing span was closer to a foot.

The bats front feet define the wings.  The back feet he uses to attach upside down.

We also saw swans, loons, ducks, a falcon, and a mother bear with her cubs.  Unfortunately, the bears were too far away for me to get photos.  We had a couple of pairs of binoculars, so we were able to at least the bears play along the shoreline.


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