Friday, April 4, 2014

First Creek Snowshoe

Yesterday friend, Lois, and I went on a quick snowshoe in the first creek area.  I wanted to get some elevation change and the easiest hill to get to this time of year is the dune on the other side of First Creek, located at the west end of Woodland Campground.

First we went down the beach.  For you agate hunters:  as you can see the beach is still covered with snow and ice -- so don't head north yet.  Plus it just started snowing AGAIN and we could get between eight and ten inches.  We'll see.....

We took the footpath toward First Creek, but I took a photo of the steps for all you summer visitors.

With the little bit of melting we have had thus far, some of the sand mixed in the icebergs is starting to accumulate on top of the bergs.

Looking west....

Shore ice....

First Creek is trying to show through.  This spot is up in the woods.

Then we climbed up the slope leading to the bluff....

Unfortunately all the beach trees are dying. 

The woodpeckers are taking advantage of the situation.

Moss showing through on the side of the dune.  The wind off the lake blows the snow off this bluff all winter long, preventing accumulation.

From the top of the bluff you can look through the trees to Grand Marais Bay.

I love the huge white pine tree that guards the bluff trail.

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