Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow and Mineral Art

As soon as I finish this blog posting I am heading outside to roof rake.  Although it is likely that the snow will slide off the roof when the temperatures rise this weekend -- I am not taking any chances.  There has been so much blowing and drifting, which has caused the snow to pile up.  Since it is supposed to rain this weekend, I just don't want the snow to soak up the rain and become too heavy.

Here are a few photos to document the three feet of snow that blankets the ground, not including the drifts which are four or more feet high.

I took the following picture yesterday during one of the white outs.

Looking out my back window.  You can see the top of the well head on the right side of the photo in the center.  The well head is more than three feet off the ground.

East side of my sun porch.

The back of my house where the snow drift is 4-5 feet deep.

I had a cricket installed above the roof vent.  As you can see it seems to be working to cut the snow.  These overhangs will be knocked down and gone this morning.

I have been making agate window panels for my last show of the year.  These are all for sale if anyone is interested.  Prices range from $70 to $140.  If you are interested, send me an email to

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