Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Early Winter Scenes

After a long weekend working my last art show, I REALLY needed a dune hike yesterday. I started at the overlook at Sable Lake, walked a little west down H58, and then picked a random spot to head up the hill, through the woods, and into the dunes.

After walking west from the overlook, I noticed that ice has started to form in the lagoons.  It will not be long before the surface layer of Sable Lake is completely frozen.

After walking up the first slope, I hiked this ridge up into the dunes.  This by no means is easy hiking.  It is quite a work out as you have to bushwhack over, under, and around bushes and trees.

After arriving up into the dunes, I turned around and noticed I could still see Sable Lake.  It is difficult to make up in the photo, but it is in the center of the picture.

I did not hike all the way to the Lake Superior shoreline, but instead I just hiked a loop around the south side of the dunes and circled east back toward my car.  Here are a series of shots.

Once back to the overlook, I noticed that ice has formed along the shore below the overlook.

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