Friday, December 16, 2011

Microscoope Agate Photos

Yesterday it was raining yet again for most of the day, so I didn't go out hiking. I would rather it be 10 below zero. It is just not fun to hike in the rain when temperatures are in the mid-30s with a strong wind. Things changed last night, however, This morning there is a few new inches of snow with temperatures around 20.

So to execute a blog update I decided to play with my microscope. I was working on a custom order for six agate windows, so I selected some of the Brazilian agates I was using.

Nice banding with one section that includes white inclusions.

This agate has various sizes of red spheroids, most likely iron oxide.

This agate when it was forming changed from fortification concentric banding to water level banding.

The center fill of this agate has some lacy bands as well as macro quartz.

This agate has some moss agate as well as macro quartz bands.

Is this an agate or a close up of Jupiter?

Nice banding.

I increased the magnification on the microscope to get this picture of the druzy quartz in the middle section of this geode agate.

Nice banding with some mineral inclusions....

This extreme close up shows inclusions next to the outside husk.

When I increased the magnification, I captured this iris coloration in one section of the agate.

This cross section shows a stalactite within the agate.

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