Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Dune Hike in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore--Post 1

After three days of rain it sure was nice to get out into a winter environment. We received around three inches of blowing snow. In places the drifts were a bit higher. Plus the slushy snow from previous snows froze under the new snow, so it was necessary to wear snowshoes to help with firm footing. It may be the last time of the year that I could drive to the pull out at the beginning of the Masse Homestead Trail, located half way between Sable Lake and the Log Slide in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It was my first time of the year for me to wear snowshoes. Yea!

I walked around a third of the way down the trail and then headed up a path into the dunes.

As I walked west, I enjoyed the snow on the ground and on top of the small evergreen trees.

Then I turned around and noticed that the northwest sides of the trees were all coated with snow.

A shelf fungi community with puffs of snow....

I just love evergreens that are coated with snow.

During the winter you can easily see the dunal formations through the trees.

Although the sky was gray and there were occasional snow squalls, it was fun to get into the winter dunes.


  1. Bring on the snow!! I'm going to Marquette for a long week-end next month! Great pictures!

  2. Love the pictures. Merrie Nelson Davenport, FL See you next summer when I am camping at Woodland Park.

  3. I like the snowshoes. I think those may work well even in Summer on the softer sand beaches and dunes.