Saturday, December 31, 2011

North Country Trail Hike and Ski

During the past two days I have exercised in the Burt Township School Forest. Two days ago I hiked -- with no snowshoes or skies -- from the bridge in the school to the Lake Superior shoreline.  I noticed that although there is not much snow, there is enough to cross country ski (barely). So yesterday I skied from the bridge in the school forest west down the road to the end of what is left of  Lonesome Point. Thousands of feet, probably more, have eroded from this point over the last couple of decades.

There are many ecosystems in the school forest, but I especially like these red pine stands.

Since we have received very little snow, the icebergs are no longer forming.  Friction from the waves has melted what ice tried to form.  In fact, you can still hunt for agates because of the lack of ice.  That could change this weekend.  There is a winter storm watch here in Alger County.  Other counties to the west have a blizzard warning.

This photo documents the first time I have had skies on my feet this year.  It felt good to be out skiing again, even though the conditions were barely tolerable.

Ice is trying to form on the Sucker River.

There sure is not very much snow for this time of year.  I hear that we are down a couple of feet of snow compared to what is expected for this time of year.

At this bend in the Sucker River my kids caught their first brook trout back in the 1980s.

I took this shot from the northeast corner of Grand Marais Bay at what is left of Lonesome Point.  I just love it when ice forms on driftwood.

I took this shot looking east down the beach.

This shot was taken looking west down the beach back towards town.

Here is another shot looking across the bay.

One more picture of Sucker River as I skied back to my car.

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