Friday, January 6, 2012

Cross Country Ski and Sable Falls with Ice

Staff at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore groomed the cross country ski trails. However, the lack of snow resulted in twigs and grass showing through on some of the trail. With temperatures expected in the mid-30s today and next week, if we don't get more snow the trails will not be usable. But it was fun yesterday to be back on the groomed track! 

The parking lot for the ski trails are across the street from the Grand Sable Visitor Center.  Unfortunately, the center is not open in the winter.

When I skied past Sable Falls, I decided to take my skies off and carefully walk down the icy steps to see what the ice on Sable Falls looks like.  This first shot shows the section just above the main part of the falls.

Here is a shot of the main part of the falls.

The entire falls.....

A close up of some of the icicles....

The ice formations in the river are cool, too.

I love the contrast between the vegetation and the snow.

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