Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School Forest Ski, Lake Superior Water Temperature, and Sunrise Glow

Yesterday I skied a great loop in the school forest. I parked at H58 and skied down the School Forest Road to the bridge. Then I skied down Deer Lane to the first intersection, where I headed to the west. Around a half mile down I stayed to the left and kept staying to the left until I reached Sandy Lane and then back to the car. All in all it only took two hours, but it was exhausting due to the slightly sticky snow. What a work out!

A couple of weeks ago I took a picture of the wide bend in the Sucker River when there was mostly open water.  As you can see below, the cold temperatures this last week or so has caused the river to ice over.

It is cloudy in Grand Marais, but it must not be south of us.  Here is the sunrise glow through my trees.

I checked the water temperatures again for Lake Superior in the Grand Marais area.  The latest image available is from January 3rd.  The previous image from December 20th showed that the lake's water temperature just off shore averaged around 42 degrees.  On January 3rd, the average temperature was around 36 degrees.  So at this point there is still no shore ice.

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