Friday, January 13, 2012

Dune Snowshoe

Yesterday everything turned to ice. It got cold the previous night, so all the melted snow and puddles froze solid.  Since we still didn't have much snow,  I decided to just drive to the falls from my house, down part of H58 that is not maintained in the winter by the road commission.  The distance is only a mile and I made it, but my car went sideways on the road in a couple of places.

The trails were not much better. I had to snowshoe next to the trail, alternating between the right and the left side of the trail -- which ever was passable.

Since the conditions were so horrible, and because I had a lot to get done yesterday, I didn't stay out that long. I also only took four pictures.  But first a few sunset pictures from the night before.  Sometimes the color in the winter sunsets are even better than the color in the summer.

It was still a bit foggy in the morning.  Just as I finished hiking, it started to snow.  We originally were supposed to get eight inches.  As I look out this morning, I'm not sure if we received two inches.

There still is no shore ice.....  

There also is not much ice on Sable River.

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