Monday, January 2, 2012

Snowshoe Around My Property

The first blizzard of the season developed in the Grand Marais area yesterday. It was supposed to be a winter storm warning, but as the day progressed the intensity of the lake effect increased. As I look out the window at first light this morning, it is difficult to tell how much snow we received. Winds are sustained at 25 mph, but gusting near 50 mph. At times the snow travels horizontally past my window. In the open mowed area in front of my house the snow is blowing and drifting. I think we received around eight inches of snow last night with another half foot expected today.

Late yesterday afternoon I decided to snowshoe the path around my property. My hope was to humanly groom the path for cross country skiing. As I look outside this morning, I cannot even see my tracks from last night. I'll have to repeat the process once the blizzard is over.

First, the picture of earth from the Dish satellite on the first day of 2012.  Much of the southwest part of North America is visible, as well as more of South America in the lower right portion of the earth.

Here is the view out my front window -- before the blizzard began. 

The intermittent snow we have received this season slides off the metal roof on my house. 

Some of  you who have followed my blog and web page ( have seen the snow piled up to the roof line on the south side of my house.  Here is a beginning winter shot with the snow just starting to pile up.

One of the many apply trees on my property.

Some of the apples are still hanging on the trees.

Notice the deer trail down my path.

When we receive lake effect snow, it comes and goes.  During my snowshoe south on the path it snowed for a few minutes, and then stopped again.

Evergreens evolved to at first bend with the collected snow until the wind blows it off.

At the end of my snowshoe, the snow began to intensify again.

When I was down state for Christmas, I was pleased to find out that my son, Jonathan, has turned into an artist.  He is now making these Zen Sand Gardens.  I will soon have some available for sale.  At that time I will post more information.  Here are a couple of photos showing the one he made for me for Christmas.

Here are the agate windows I made custom for my son, Jonathan.

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