Thursday, January 12, 2012

Log Slide Snowshoe Hike

I have lived in Grand Marais since 1994, but have had relatives who have lived here for over 100 years. As far as I know, there was never before a winter that you could drive seven miles west to the Log Slide area on January 11th. Well I was able to do just that yesterday. The incredible lack of snow permitted the drive.   Since we may get eight inches of snow starting tonight, I decided to drive to the Log Slide area as long as it was possible.  Then I hiked the two miles to the lighthouse at Au Sable Point and back.

When I parked in the Log Slide parking lot, I had to document my car with a snowmobile parked near by.

The dune above the log slide....

As you can see, the warm temperatures resulted in fog.  Here is a shot looking west toward Au Sable Point.

Looking east toward the Grand Sable Banks.

Here is a picture looking straight down.  There is still warm water just off shore so no ice has yet formed.

The two mile hike takes you through several different types of forests.  Here is a photo of a section with white birches.

The closer I go to the lighthouse, the less snow there was. 

As I was snowshoeing west, the fog continued to get thicker.  Normally from this angle you can see the Grand Sable Banks.  Not yesterday.

As you can see, there was almost no snow at the lighthouse.

The fog became even thicker...

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