Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Logslide Trail and Dunes Snowshoe

Yesterday I decided to try to drive west of town down H58 to the Log Slide/Masse Homestead trail head.   Snowmobiles have packed down the snow so although it was a bit of a challenge, I was able to drive it without getting stuck. I walked down the trail around a half mile, headed up into the dunes, walked the ridges on the south side of the dunes, and back to the car. In the woods the snow is a bit deeper: around 8-12 inches deep depending on where you are. I was glad I had my snowshoes on.

First a picture looking southwest as I was snowshoeing down the trail.

More shots taken on the trail...

Now some dunes photos....

And a couple of Sable Lake that I took as I drove back.  Notice that the entire lake is now covered with ice.  Winter is definitely here.

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