Thursday, January 5, 2012

Great Sable Dunes Snowshoe

Yesterday it wasn't as cold with temperatures in the 20s and some sun in between the lake effect clouds. I parked at Sable Lake and snowshoed across the dunes to Lake Superior. Then I circled back to the west before returning to Sable Lake.

First a picture of Sable Lake showing the solid ice cover.  As I left the parking lot and headed toward the dunes, I could see a very large animal about two miles down shore across the lake.  It was too big to be a deer, so I'm guessing it was a moose.  Unfortunately it was too far away and too quick for me to use the telephoto lens on my camera to get a better look or a photo.

As I was walking across the dunes, I spotted this flock of around 100 small birds feeding on seeds on the south side of a large dune.

This valley was very moon like.

I liked the contrast in color as well as the sharp ridges of this dune.

The clouds were quite dramatic as I approached the Lake Superior shoreline.

A shot looking east toward Grand Marais.

A close up of Coast Guard Point in Grand Marais.

A shot looking west toward Au Sable Point.

I liked the colors with dune grass, sand, and snow.

A long distance shot of the breakwall and lighthouse.  Notice the waves splashing on the right side of the picture.

The sun was shining off the icy snow.

There were patches of sun throughout the area.

The banding pattern with layers of sand and snow looks like agate banding.

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