Friday, October 5, 2012

Western Upper Peninsula Adventure -- Post 4

After my sister and I left Gabbro Falls, we continued west on US2 to Bessemer where we turned north on Powderhorn Road, which turns into Black River Road.

A few miles down we stopped at Copper Peak. This is one of only six ski flying hills in the world, although no one has jumped from this ramp since 1994. Ski jump hills are categorized based on their length:

Normal hill competitions for which the calculation line is found at approximately 80–100 metres (260–330 ft). Distances of up to and over 110 metres (360 ft) can be reached.

Large hill competitions for which the calculation line is found at approximately 120–130 metres (390–430 ft). Distances of over 145 metres (476 ft) can be obtained on the larger hills. Both individual and team competitions are run on these hills.

Ski-flying competitions for which the calculation line is found at 185 metres (607 ft). The Ski Flying World Record of 246.5 metres (809 ft) is held by Johan Remen Evensen, and was set in Vikersundbakken, Norway in February 2011. This is amazing. Can you imagine flying through the air for nearly three football fields?

The six ski flying hills are:

As you drive down Black River Road, all of a sudden you can see the ski flying ramp.

The Copper Peak Inc. operates the "adventure ride" to provide tourists the opportunity to ride the 800 foot chair lift to the crest of the hill, ride up the 18 story elevator, and then climb up the stairs another eight stories to the top starting gate.  From this vantage point some 241 feet above the crest of the hill and 26 stories above the base of the elevator, visitors have the opportunity to "experience the feelings" of the ski fliers who propelled themselves down the 469 foot ramp oriented at a 35 degree angle.

If you want to see fall colors, this is the place to go.  From the top you can see 360 degrees of beauty including 2,500 square miles that stretches from Minnesota to Michigan.  The top is 1,782 feet above sea level and 1,200 feet above Lake Superior.


Here is a video I took from the top.

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