Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lake Superior Waves

Although Grand Marais is located on the edge of the remnants of the storm, Sandy, it has not lessened the impact on wind speed and wave heights.  I decided to document the storm yesterday.  First I took a few pictures from the south side of the bay.  I pulled up next to the bay and took these pictures out of my car window.  It wasn't easy since sleet was blowing horizontal into my car.

Next I drove to the end of Coast Guard Point.  Amazingly, the contractor was still working.  I watched him try to lift this boulder.  As he tried to lift it, the weight of the boulder caused the back wheels to lift off the ground.

I got out of the car and braved the elements.  Here are some shots I took while standing to the east of the Lighthouse Keeper's Museum. The contractor is trying to complete the breakwall, but as you can see they are not yet done.

Next I drove over to Woodland Park and headed down the beach.  It was almost impossible to walk into the wind as the freezing rain hurt as it hit my face.  The waves were 10-12 feet tall.

Here are a couple of maps from NOAA for today's Lake Superior forecast.  The first one shows forecasted wave heights.  In the Grand Marais area wave heights will again be 10-12 feet today.

Wind speeds are expected to be around 30 miles per hour.  I checked the archive for yesterday.  The sustained winds all day were between 25 and 35mph with gusts well over 40 mph.

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