Thursday, October 11, 2012

Western Upper Peninsula Adventure -- Post 8

I didn't realize just how many photos my sister and I took a couple of weekends ago when we visited the western U.P. until I've been processing them for these blog updates. Even with today's posting, I am still not done. But the tour continues....

Today's blog update features the fifth of the falls located on the Black River Pathway as well as some fall color photos.

This fifth out of five falls along the Black River Pathway is actually the first you see as you drive north from Bessemer.  Since we went all the way to the harbor first to have lunch, we visited the waterfalls in the opposite direction.  It is also the longest walk from the designated parking area at 3/4 of a mile.  However, it is a beautiful walk through the woods and well worth the hike.



Location: Black River Scenic Byway, 14 miles north of Bessemer
Height: 20 feet
Crest: 30 feet
Water Source: Black River
Summary:   This waterfall is named for the large piece of conglomerate rock that divides the two segments.  Here the river slides down 20 feet around a large chunk of conglomerate rock, hence the name of the falls.

The photo below shows part of the sign located in the parking lot of this falls.

Here is a photo of Diana as we returned to her car.

Here are a series of shots documenting the fall colors.  I believe that this year the colors are the best that I have ever seen.

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