Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evening on the Beach -- Post 2

First I'll update everyone on the status of the DVD on agate hunting.  I am ready to start recording the narration so I can add it to the video.  The video contains over 700 images, but the total length of the DVD will be around 37 minutes.  Most of the images are only showing for a second or so since the focus of the video is to train your brain to find agates:  the only thing moving in each of the series of stills is the agate.  I assumed I could use the audio sound recording feature on my computer, but unfortunately the microphone is powerful enough to pick up the sound of the computer's cooling fan.  So I cannot progress on the project until I acquire a microphone that will allow me to record the narration from a distance away from the computer.  I'll figure out today whether I can borrow a USB microphone or purchase one.

For today's posting I'll include the rest of the pictures from the evening I spent on the beach the other night.

Bear the dog I think enjoyed the beach the most.  He would retrieve the stick all day long....


But we all enjoyed the driftwood...

Our goal was to walk down to the stump.  We think it is an ancient white pine stump.

Then we headed back to our beach fire.

Did a human place the stick on top, or did nature?

Jamey found a Ladies Slipper.

Then back to the car to head home...

As we pulled away, we spotted the freighter heading west bound.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! We had a great time with wonderful company and the beautiful scenery! Thank you Karen, Lois, and Jamie!