Sunday, July 28, 2013

Incredible Carnelian Lake Superior Sunset

My niece, Robyn, and her husband, Tim, are up for a visit.  They had a beach fire last night so I decided to take time out from making art and joined them for a little while on the beach near First Creek.  I am so glad I did.  There were puffs of fog that formed over the lake that lit up like carnelian agates. 

But first, here are some photos I took in the morning, also from First Creek.  I conducted an agate class with a wonderful group of people.  We were glad that it was not raining since the previous day we received several inches of rain.  I don't know exactly how much Grand Marais received, but McMillian had over six inches.  If all that precipitation were snow, we would have received over 60 inches of snow!

Members of the rockhounding class laying our their collected specimens in the friendly competition that is part of the class.

First Creek...

Walking down to the beach fire at First Creek.

I couldn't decide which photos to include, so I just included them all.

See the freighter?

The beach fire...

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  1. It was a beautiful sunset and fire! So glad you came down to enjoy it with us!