Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th Old Fashioned Celebration

Those of you who have been in Grand Marais over the July 4th holiday know that it is an old fashioned celebration.  Although I did receive some grief, I did not wear the 1895 bear coat and participate.  I was hired to teach an agate class in the morning and with everything else going on -- it was not a priority.  I did walk around and document the parade as well as the fireworks.  Rather than post the photos over multiple days:  I am posting them all today.  This week will be very busy as I have to make mineral art for the Moose Lake Agate Days Show coming up this next weekend.  I am still going to try to complete the agate hunting DVD, but first I have to make sure I have enough art.  I need around another ten hours to finish the DVD, so I'll give it an attempt.  If I don't squeeze in the time, then I'll finish it after I get back from Minnesota.

Enjoy the July 4th photos.

Lining up for the parade....

Instead of throwing out candy or beads -- one group was throwing water balloons.

The start of the parade...

While walking over to the fireworks, I spotted these huge irises.

Waiting for it to get dark.

The show...

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