Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Storm on Lake Superior

I did not get a chance to post a blog update this morning.  I had to finish face polishing a customer's agate, which took two hours, prior to heading over to the museum to teach an agate class from 9am to noon, before working the museum until 7pm.  So I'm just getting to the blog update now...

First are a couple of pictures of an artisan well that bubbles up next to a river around seven miles south of Grand Marais.  When I was a kid, we would always stop at this natural well to fill up water bottles prior to driving back down state.

The night before I left for Moose Lake, I went out to the shoreline with friends.  We had intended to have a beach fire, but Lake Superior was kicking up her heals with unusually large waves for the summer season.  It was exciting, but was far too windy to have a fire.  Besides, there was not much of a beach.  When there are big waves, the entire lake moves in the direction of the wind.  We estimate that the lake had moved inland around 30 feet.

We did get to watch sunset and play around on the beach a bit...

For what ever reason, the waves we have had lately have uncovered and/or deposited black sand -- more than I have ever seen.  Supposedly there is minute amounts of gold mixed in this black sand.

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  1. Having grown up on a Canadian Shield lake full of so many different kinds of glacial gift sand, I can definitely tell you that that would indeed be gold in that black sand. If you manage to get a still day, slosh your foot around in the water just at the beach and watch the black sand fly up into curious little clouds full of something very shiny!