Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moose Lake, MN Agate Days

OK, I'll admit it.  My schedule this past couple of weeks finally "hit the wall."  The attempt to try to finish the DVD about how to find agates is what put me to the test.  Finally, when it was only six days to the Moose Lake agate show, I realized that I didn't have any mineral art to bring to the show.  So during that last few days I spent all my non-museum time making mineral art.  I didn't have any extra time to implement blog updates. 

Then, while in Moose Lake -- the wifi signal at the campground was not working.  I didn't have time to go looking for a signal, so again there was not an opportunity to implement a blog posting. Those of you who were wondering whether I fell off the edge of the earth -- thanks for your understanding.  After driving most of the night to MN last Thursday and setting up the booth on Friday, it was nice to have a few hours to relax.  The show went OK, although crowds were down around 25 percent since the event was held a week early this year.  I'm sure some people will show up next weekend expecting the event (which has always been the third weekend in July), but will be disappointed.  Thankfully, my sales were not significantly affected.

After setting up the booth on Friday, friends Jill and Gerald and I headed over to the AmericInn to go shopping at the show before the show.  Apparently, there were some issues with this long held tradition, at least according to the new manager at the hotel.  She wouldn't let some of the regulars set up, so they found a new place by the ice rink/flea market down town.  Every one ended up in an uproar, so the manager let some of the dealers set up.  Thus, half were set up at the hotel and half down town.  I'm not sure what will happen next  year.

Here are some photos of the big wowsers.  These are some of the specimens carried around in the "agate mafia" cases.  Thanks to Charlie White for sharing some of these. Other photos were taken of specimens for sale.

Some of the agates for sale...

A few of the booths at the alternative set up down town.

The view from my chair in the gym.  Thankfully, the temperatures were not quite as hot this year.  Thanks to Jamey and Lois for loaning me the fan.  It wasn't as hot, but the fan still was needed on Saturday.

My booth...

A few of the booths outside in the parking lot of Moose Lake school...

After tearing down the booth on Sunday, I drove as far as I could before pulling off to sleep a while.  Here are a few photos I took while driving past Wakefield, MI.

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