Monday, January 6, 2014

A Yooper Winter Problem

The blizzard we had the other night piled even more snow in Grand Marais.  The next morning I realized that my toilets were not flushing right.  I did research on the internet and I called a retired plumber who lives in town.  We guessed that the snow may have plugged the plumbing vent pipe on my roof.  I snowshoed around back of my house and I could barely see the top of the pipe.  I figured that snow may have blown into the pipe, so I decided I had to climb on the roof the free it up.  Thanks to friend, Renee, who came over to give encouragement and call 911 if  need be.  I was not sure whether walking on the snow, which on top of a metal roof, would cause the snow to slide off.  It didn't and I was able to get up a ladder onto the roof.  Sure enough -- the top of the pipe was clogged with around six inches of snow and ice.

The extreme cold outside combined with lake effect snow causes beautiful patterns on some of my windows.

The temperature outside my window this morning.  Other places in the U.P. are -25.

The snow is really piling up.  Below is a picture on the non drifted side of my sun porch.  The panels are each two feet tall so the snow depth is around four feet.

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