Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Winter Blizzard

Before I get to the photos I took today, I want to relay information I learned today regarding some of my computer issues.  Again my day did not go as planned when my brand new Quickbooks software froze up.  I was concerned that I would lose hours of work.  I was kept on hold for almost an hour, but the wait was worth it.  Although the technical support guy was India, he did a great job.  He found two issues that were possibly causing Quickbooks to not work.

The first one had to do with some software I downloaded a few weeks ago.  When I had previous issues, I researched on the Internet potential software programs that I could use to prevent malware from invading my computer.  The tech support guy said that the anti-malware software I ended up buying was actually malware software.  He explained that some of the technical review sites on the internet are fake review sites that steer you toward the malicious software.  I allowed him access to my computer, which he controlled from half way around the world.  He removed the malicious software as well as some other non-useful softwares.  He also changed several settings and fixed my internet explorer, which has not worked for three weeks.  They guy was terrific.  He worked on my computer for almost an hour -- at no charge!  Now my computer seems to be working better than it has for weeks.

Now that I am thick into the accounting task, I have not made time to get outside.  Besides, today it was very windy with near blizzard conditions at times.  Tonight it has been even worse.  I can hear the wind blowing against the side of my house.  It is hard to get motivated to go out in this kind of weather. 

So from my front window (looking north), I snapped the photo below at sunrise.  You can see the lake effect clouds out over Lake Superior catching the rays of the rising sun.

I was going to try to get into the museum today.  It is hard to tell, but the snow bank along the road is four feet tall.  There is also 3-4 feet in front of the door.  I'll go back tomorrow with a shovel.

The photo below shows the house next to the museum.  There is still no report of what the owner is going to do with the building.

The fish shanties are back.  A couple of brave soles were way out -- too close to the channel in my opinion.

A couple of the shanties are located next to the marina.  Note that the dredging equipment is still here.  

It is not that the photo of Lonesome Point below is out of focus -- there were blizzard conditions out across the bay.

The photo below shows clumps of snow on my apple trees the line my driveway.  Not shown are the deer tracks under the trees.  Now that the snow is deep, the deer are able to reach some of the apples that never fell from the trees.

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