Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Drive West

First of all, I would like to thank Renee for taking care of my house and cats while I am gone.  I left Grand Marais Thursday morning and arrived in Quartzsite, AZ last night around 5:00 p.m.  I have only been here once before and do not really remember my way around.  As I was driving around this small town, I made a turn that I thought was taking me toward the camping area.  I ended up back on the highway by mistake and had to drive down around eight miles to the next exit to turn around.  I laughed, although I wanted to cry since that is all I needed after driving for three days.  The route that the GPS took me ended up being 2,345 miles.  The middle day of driving was the most:  I logged almost 1,000 miles which is the most I have ever driven in one day.  I had to get here by January 12th since some of my dealers are closing up their booths today.

Some of the sedimentary rock cuts along I80 going through Iowa are awesome.

Sunset the second day somewhere in the Texas panhandle along I40.

Yesterday morning I crossed over into Arizona.

Petrified wood....

Mount Humphreys:  the tallest point in Arizona at 12,637 feet (3,852 m).


Moon rising....

Then Quartzsite.  I was starving and the only place walking distance from Rice Ranch, where I am camping, was a beer and burger place called Beer Belly's.  It worked.

This morning I received an email from Mark, one of my customers.  I delivered his 12 agate panels just before Christmas.  Thanks, Mark, for sending the photos.



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