Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sedona -- Post 5

I am still trying to catch up with the photos.  For today's posting, I'll include the pictures I took when we hiked the trail around the Sedona airport.  Although many people do not consider this their favorite trail, we enjoyed it.  While walking the approximately 3.6 mile trail, we were able to view the Sedona and Oak Creek valleys from all angles. 

The hikers....

Some of the desert trees are twisted into art.

Several of the red rock formations can be seen from the airport loop trail.

You certainly don't want to fall into this cactus....

This trail in most spots was well below the top of the mesa and on the edge.  If you have a fear of heights, this would not be the trail for you.

I am still researching the geologic history of the area.  One of the more recent geologic episodes was volcanic.  Below is a picture of vesicular basalt from the volcanic period.

The cacti on this trail were very happy.

The Oak Creek valley can be seen below.  The lighter color cottonwood trees mark the path of Oak Creek.

We were around a third of the way around the loop when this flock of blue birds descended on the juniper trees.  They were going absolutely nuts eating the juniper berries.

There are not many blooming flowers this time of year, but we say a few in warmer than usual micro climates.

More fossilized ripple marks proving that this area was once a shallow ocean.

Parts of the trail were very rocky.

A cactus bloom past its prime.

More blooms past their prime....

Another part of the valley below....

On the far side of the trail we mostly hiked through the woods.

Looking west from the end of the trail with the town of Sedona below....

After the loop, we climbed up to the vortex rock.  This is where we had lunch and rested.

Views from the vortex rock....

Me resting....

After the hike, we cooked out at a park along Oak Creek.

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