Friday, May 9, 2014

Sable Falls and Dunes Hike -- Post 2

Today I'll post the second half of the photos I took on the hike that I took with Lois and Jamey the other day. 

From Sable Falls we headed into the dunes.  As soon as we hiked/post-holed it through the snow and crested the dunes -- Jamey spotted these bobcat prints.

We headed down the blow out to check out the shoreline from up on top of the Grand Sable Dunes bluff.

Wowser.  The remaining icebergs, now covered in consolidated sand from the melt, are beautiful.

In a few places newer ice piled up.  We love the blue ice.

Looking east....

Looking west....

The lighthouse marking the entrance to the channel leading into Grand Marais Bay......

Way off in the distance on the horizon you can see the edge of the ice flow that was blown to the northeast by the southwest winds.

We heard the drumming of a partridge.  Jamey spotted him and even saw him drumming.  I finally spotted the movement and was able to get a couple of photos.  It was tough because of the branches in the way.

Tomorrow I'll post photos that I took from the breakwall, documenting the sunset over icebergs.

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