Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sable Falls and Lake Superior Ice

It was quite the haul over the weekend, but yesterday I finished getting the museum ready to open with ten minutes to spare.  Actually, I have not yet made the new pricing signs, which I am doing this morning, but I finished everything else.  I reorganized the front room of the gift shop as well as some of the second room.  I have lots of new items for sale, so I had to re-organize all the shelves in the gift shop, and added some new shelves.  In the days to come I am also creating a new display in the mineral section of the museum to feature my best museum quality specimens, including some new ones.  The cabinet is a tall cylindrical hexagon glass encased display that was donated to the museum last year.  Today I will take photos of the changes and post them tomorrow.  Yesterday at least one couple came in and did purchase a few things.  Other than friends, Jill and Gerald, who visited -- not another person came through the door.  Oh well, at least the museum is back open for the season!

At 5:00 when I closed for the day, I did a quick hike with Lois.  Actually, it was more of an exercise session.  We went up and down the Sable Falls steps three times and walked to the foot bridge over Sable River twice.  We didn't plan on the second time to the bridge, but I had dropped my keys.  I figure it was a symptom of fatigue.  The keys were laying on the bridge right where we sat to enjoy the fact that spring has sprung.

When I drove down the big hill yesterday morning to complete the museum preparation, I snapped this picture showing ice out on Lake Superior.

I checked the NOAA site this morning, and Lake Superior still has 6.7 percent ice coverage.  The ice has been blowing back and forth with the change of the wind direction.  Today the wind is from the south, so the ice is being blown back to the north.  Before it melts, I hope we get one more big blow from the north so the ice will beach and melt on the south shore.  Since the ice has rock embedded -- we want that ice to melt and dump its rock on our beach!

 Sable Falls....

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