Friday, October 10, 2014

Big Bay Adventure -- Post 4: Waterfaalls

Hopefully this post is published.  I had a difficult time accessing my blog this morning.

Today I will continue posting the photos from my adventure trip last weekend with my sister, Diana.  Today I will include photos from two waterfalls that we visited north of Big Bay.   We headed down county road 510 and only had to deal with the Eagle Mine construction invaders for a few miles.

First, here are a few more pictures from our house rental.

We did have a great view of Independence Lake.

We checked out of our house rental headed to local waterfalls.  Our first stop:  Yellow Dog Falls.  The Yellow Dog River runs wild through Marquette County and has many small waterfalls and rapids. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger and more accessible features on the river.

To get to the falls, drive County Road 550 South toward Marquette approximately 1.7 miles past Cram's General Store to County Road 510. Turn right (west) on County Road 510. Travel about 7 miles past all the new road construction.  Once you get past the construction onto the sand covered county road, continue until you see the next steel bridge across the Yellow Dog River. Cross the bridge and park on the left (south) side of the road. Follow the hiking trail on the west side of the river approximately 3/5 mile downstream. There are a few stream crossings.   You will approach the falls from the top. 

At the beginning of the trek, you can walk next to the river or on a trail that is to the left of the river.  None of the trails are marked.

When you get to the stream crossing shown below, look to the left of the down fall and you will see a sand bar that is easier to cross.  The falls is around a third of a mile past this spot.

Yellow Dog Falls....

Yellow Dog Falls is the name given to the main drop on the Yellow Dog River east of Country Road 510. The river steadily descends on it way down to Lake Superior, and there are at least seven drops of varying sizes. Many are only a few feet in height. At Yellow Dog Falls the river drops over 20 feet in a short distance. This feature is distinctive because of the large boulder that splits the falls in two.

Di just had to climb up and sit in this tree....

When we arrived back in the car, we continued south on 510 for a mile and a half.  After you pass the large black rock cliff on the right side of the road, continue until the next bridge and park.  Walk a short distance down to the cascading falls.  This is Big Pup Falls.

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