Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sable Falls and Sunset

I have started my exercise program again now that the museum's season is over for the year.  I wish I could find time during July and August to exercise -- but there are just not enough hours in the day.  Thankfully my friend, Lois, wants to get out most days to at least walk up and down the steps at Sable Falls.  Sometimes her husband, Jamie, goes with us, too.

First we hiked across the footbridge above Sable Falls and into the dunes.  I wanted to see what the erosion looks like from the bluff in the Ghost Forest.  Yes, even these sand cliffs are caving in.

We didn't have time to explore the Grand Sable Dunes, but I did get one photo of the first blow out area with some fall colors.

Then we did the steps.   Sable Falls with fall colors....

When we finished exercising, I realized that it was time for sunset so I headed over to the boardwalk.  The picture below shows the sunset reflections off the tops of the waves breaking on shore.


Waves crashing against the breakwall with beach combers....

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